Geocaching Rank Stat Bar: (GERMAN VERSION)

Would you like to get such a Stat Bar with your rank in the World? Then register at this website.
After registration you will get a code, which you can use for forums, websites etc.
The Stat Bar will be automatically refreshed (2 times a week). The usage is totally free.

If you have questions or if you have ideas to improve the Stat Bar, please send an email to:

Geocaching Nickname:   

Type: Country / World    Country / Europe    Europe / World

US only: US State / World   US State / US   

Your email-address will be used only for notifications and updates regarding the Stat Bar.

For which countries do you have statistics?
There are most of the countries in our data base. If you don't find your state listed, please let us know.

Which data are used?
We would like to thank for providing the data.

Why is no ranking shown in the Stat Bar?
Only Cachers with more than 200 finds are in the database.
As soon as you have reached the 200 caches, your ranking will be automatically shown in your Stat Bar.

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